Oh my god. It's full of code!

Nope, still a total failure

So here I was getting all excited after my training thinking I knew shit about anything. I was wrong, very wrong. This week’s failure de jour’ was trying to replicate an existing object as a visual force page so it could be hosted in Salesforce sites we could avoid buying more costly licenses. Sounds easy enough, except for the laundry list of problems.

1) All transactions would be run through the same guest account.
2) You can only do portal based authentication, so we need more licenses anyway.
3) The portal user cannot have read/modify all permissions on standard objects.
4) The object I am trying to replicate has a master detail relationship with a standard object, hence making it so it can also not have read/modify all permissions.
5) Because the users are unauthenticated, lookup relationship dialog boxes don’t work.
6) The save button leads to the wrong url, and apparently can only be fixed by creating a custom button and override the save action. That means writing more code, and more god damned testing classes.
7) An attempted improvment turned out to be a massive failure when I wanted to make real time recalculation of formula fields work. Essentially when you are selecting the master detail relationship, there are some other fields on the object that depend on those. I wanted those to refresh as you chose different values for that relationship, but nope. I have no idea how the actionRegion or supportAction tags are supposed to work, but obviously not how I figured they would.
8) Working around most of these issues requires more code. That means more controllers, extending functionality, and worst of all writing testing code. I can’t put into words how much I had test classes.

I’ve been working on this project less than 3 hours, and I have already found 8 crippling failures. Of course the docs are too advanced/obtuse for me to make sense of, and the forums provide next to no help. So once again I’m completely stalled. Everything I try fails and I don’t know how to progress any further. I have nobody to ask, and nowhere to go. Man isn’t programming fun? I’m pretty sure I just suck.

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  1. Mike

    Its possible to do “basically” what you’re looking to do. We built out a pretty spiffy client interface using SF Sites and the Guest user account to save on licenses. We’ve done PHP/API interfaces before, but I wanted to keep it all in SF. With the help of some Triggers and custom objects you can pretty much manipulate anything you want; Account updates, do-able. Definitely not easy if you don’t have a good handle on Apex and VisualForce though.

    December 14, 2010 at 5:58 am

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