Oh my god. It's full of code!

A quick shout out

No man is an island, and no programmer knows everything. In fact this one barely knows anything. However, the internet is an awesome place, and help is always right around the corner. I have recently been debugging some performance issues with a force.com application that makes fairly heavy use of jQuery. Becuase of the fairly niche nature of the technologies involved I didn’t really know where to turn at first when I was stuck. It was too much jQuery for the force.com forums, and too much force.com for jQuery forums. Then I remembered a man whom I’ve crossed paths with before and has proven himself to be quite skilled in both arenas. I of course am talking about Jason Veneable from over at the http://www.tehnrd.com/ blog

I reached out to him personally and asked if he might be willing to help me do a little bit of debugging. Despite a bit of a rocky first introductions a while back, he was most gracious and not only offered to look at my code but did some active debugging for me in my Sandbox. He helped resolve a few issues and got me on the right track to solve the rest. The man is a class act and just goes to show that the internet isn’t just full of cat pictures and people in various states of undress. Point being don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow developers. We are all a community here and we can all learn from each other. Nobody starts out a programing god, and no programming god knows everything. I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks, and let the public (well anyone who reads my dumb blog anyway) know that there are quality people out there.

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