Oh my god. It's full of code!

Woot, happy work write up

I just got a bit of recognition from work. I’m pretty happy about it.

This week, we are going outside the Recruiting Department to give a special MVP award to Dan Llewellyn. Dan is responsible for so many of the programs and processes we rely on, and he has a lot of pressure on him from all departments to make sure these processes and programs run efficiently and properly. Since there is only one Dan, we sometimes have to wait for things we know are important, realizing that he cannot do everything at once.

Yesterday, our project manager went to Dan with some issues callers have reported, regarding the call lists. Dan set aside other projects he was working on, and spent four hours working with her to make these lists function better for the callers. As a result, we have several new features that will make the callers’ processes more efficient. These new call list features include:

• Inline editing – this allows callers to edit contact information without having to open another window.
• Progress bar – allows callers to see what is happening when they load and save
• An account feature – callers can click on the account name right from their list and it pulls up the account detail information right in their list. They can scroll down to see all the contacts in the household. This will be very helpful when working kid’s studies. Callers will not have to open up another screen to see this data.

Dan went well beyond what we were asking for, to provide value-added services for our calling team. We know his services and skills are in high demand throughout the company, and we appreciate him for taking the time to resolve some of our issues and add some nice features for us.

Thanks Dan!

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