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Learn 2 Salesforce Round 2 – Saving & Automation

So today I’m hosting my next Salesforce user training class. As you may remember I’m doing things a little different. Instead of taking my users and treating them like helpless chumps, I’m teaching them to be admins. I’m teaching them to think like a programmer, implement like an admin, and discuss like a consultant. If you can design a system, you can sure as hell use it. It is my opinion that a deeper understand leads to an easier experience (if you are a developer, when is the last time you were frustrated by a user interface because you didn’t understand it?).

Last time we talked about data modeling and schema. Databases, fields, tables, relationships, primary keys etc. This time we are talking about what happens when you edit and save a record. How does the system know what fields there are? What happens when you click save? What can be done with automation, and what are rollbacks. I didn’t cover these topics in nearly the depth they probably deserve, but I don’t want to overwhelm them either. It’s a good starting point I think. Anyway, feel free to check out the presentation and leave any feedback, also wish me luck on my presentation. I’m a developer, not a teacher, or even an author for that matter XD

Learn 2 Salesforce Round 2 – Saving and Automation

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