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Experimental: Progressively enhance links for ajax with bookmarking and back button support!

Hey All,

So this is a bit of an ‘in progress/experimental’ kind of post. I think many of us have run into this dilemma. We want to make an awesome ajax powered website with fast loading pages and neat interface. Problem is ajax content sucks for search engine optimization, can be tricky to get bookmarking to work, and of course the back and forward buttons cause problems too. All this seems like it might make ajax a bad idea for navigation, but it’s just too cool to give up. So how can we resolve all these issues and use the awesome ajax navigation we want to? We address each challenge one by one (or just skip the bottom and copy and paste my full code example. Whatever works for you).

Progressive Enhancement (AKA dealing with shitty browsers or search engine)
My first attempts with Ajax navigation where simply to replace the href attributes of my links with javascript function calls. This really is the most straight forward approach, but the most flawed as well. Anyone who doesn’t have javascript support, or search engines trying to crawl your site won’t be able to follow your links. Your site won’t get indexed, and you’ll be abandoned by the search engine gods. Also, if you are using any kind of CMS (such as site.com from Salesforce as I am) the links created will be standard links. Your website people would have to call on you all the time to change their links, if it’s even possible! The answer to all of these problems is progressive enhancement. Use javascript to transform your regular links into javascript ajax links. This ensures that those people/bots not using javascript can still browse your site in the traditional manner. So for this example, my regular link might look like

<a href='contactUs' title='contactUs' class='ajaxLink'>Contact Us</a>

Pretty simple standard link. However I’ve added a class to it that will easily allow me to select it later with some jQuery magic later on. Now we need some javascript to turn that link from a plain jane href into a sexy ajax link. Something like this oughtta do the trick.

        $(this).attr('href', $(this).attr('href').replace('/','#'));
    $('.ajaxLink').bind('click', function() {

(Yes I know it’s a bit sloppy with the replace statement. With the CMS we are using it’s a flat hierarchy, so I don’t need to worry about multiple slashes in the URL. Also I’m purposely leaving it a little less than maximally elegant to increase readability for my readers. I know I could consolidate the two loops.)

What’s happening here is that we are using jQuery to modify every link that has the ajaxLink class to replace the initial slash (which all my links will have) with a # sign. That # is magical. It’s called a hash mark and it’s original use was to make bookmarkable locations in your document. You click the link with the # you go to that location in the same document designated by the #. The # and it’s content is never sent to the server, it exists entirely client side (not that that really matters right now though). So when a user clicks it, their URL changes in their browser now, but it doesn’t cause a page reload. You hear that? Let me repeat. IT CHANGES THE URL, BUT DOES NOT CAUSE A PAGE RELOAD. That’s important. The second part creates a bound function that when you click our link it’s going to call a function called loadLink which expects to receive a valid URL (relative to the current document) so we need to flip the hash back to being a slash (I guess we could probably leave the slash out and just remove the # but whatever). We now have a system that will leave function links for those without javascript and transform them into ajax links for those who do. Sweet.

Bookmarking and unique page urls (The magic of the hash)
You may ask why even bother with the hash at all if we are just flipping it back to a slash. The reason is since it causes the URL to change, the user now has something they can bookmark. It also gives each page a unique URL with which to access it. As the user is navigating around your site, if they end up at a some buried 3 level deep page but the URL hasn’t changed at all they have no idea where they are really at. They don’t have a bookmarkable link, or one they can share with their friends. Of course the each page does have it’s own unique URL (thats how search engines and non javascript browsers will get to them) but your ajax enabled users won’t know that without the hash. With our function we wrote above, regular links now act as javascript and since they links have a # in front of them, the browser treats them as anchors. The URL changes when the link is clicked, but no page reload is preformed. This is a good thing. But wait, just because the hash is in the URL that doesn’t mean it’s really doing anything yet. If someone bookmarks your page with the hash in it, but you don’t have any handler for it nothing really happens. When our page loads we need to check and see if there is a hash in the URL. If so load the page indicated by it, if not then just load your default page. That functionality looks a bit like this.

          var hashMark = getHash();
          if(hashMark.length > 0)
              loadLink (hashMark);  

function getHash() 
          var hash = window.location.hash;
          return hash.substring(1); // remove #

Pretty simple. All you are doing is saying when the document loads, see if there is a hash mark. If so, load the link indicated by it (by passing the hash mark content to the loadLink function). This works great. Now you can have bookmarkable links that actually work. But the back button is still broken….

Dealing with the back button

Man, I love jQuery. Every time I have some crazy issue to deal with, it’s got my back. Like if me and jQuery were in a bar and some big biker dude was trying to hassle me, jQuery would like tap on his shoulder, the biker would turn around and jQuery would just knock like all his teeth out with one right hook. I’d then jQuery a drink and we’d talk about how much mootools sucks (just kidding, I don’t know anything about it). Anyway where I’m going with this is that something that could be really hard to do jQuery makes really easy for us. What we need to do to get the back button to work is to detect when the hash in the URL changes. When a user clicks back or forward using your links the only thing that is going to change is that hash mark content. Nothing gets sent to the server. There is no get/post request going on here. Many hackey approaches are out there from disabled the back button to overriding it’s behavior. Thankfully we aren’t savages. We have an elegant solution. It looks like this.

          $(window).bind('hashchange', function() {
              var hashMark = getHash();
              if(hashMark.length > 0)
                 loadLink (hashMark);  

Just that easy. A topic that has stumped top web developers for years all wrapped up 7 lines. This just says bind a function to the hashchange function. When it changes, get the hash and pass it to the loadLink function. Boom. Done.

Loading the content (The grand finally)

So we are just about home now. We have progressive enchantments, bookmarking/link sharing ability, and even back/forward functionality. But now we need to actually load the content. Here is one last issue to deal with. Since all of your pages contain all the content/styles/scripts needed to be seen on their own (again for the non ajax users) if you try and load the entire page when you click the link you are going to end up with recursive pages nesting inside each other, duplicate script errors all kinds of crazy shit. So you need to leave the full pages intact for your non ajax users, but still be able to extract just the content you want from it to display on your page. Here we are going to use a little bit of jQuery’s find magic to extract just the content we want.

function loadLink(link)
         $.get(link, function(html) {

So here is whats happening here; the function loadLink expects to receive a valid URL fragment to load. It’s going to blank out my content area (which is called leftText) and then show an ajax loading spinner. jQuery is going to create a get request to get the link and with the result it’s going to extract the content from it’s leftText div, and insert it into this pages leftText div. Since every page is structured basically the same, it works pretty slick. That’s it. You’re done! Of course these scripts need some refining, error handling, edge case handling but I’ll leave that to the reader. The hard shit is done, what do you want me to do your whole job for you? XD Below is the entire script. Enjoy!

$(document).ready(function () {


        $(window).bind('hashchange', function () {
            var hashMark = getHash();
            if (hashMark.length > 0) {

        var hashMark = getHash();
        if (hashMark.length > 0) {

function markupLinks() {
    $('.ajaxLink').each(function (index) {
        $(this).attr('href', $(this).attr('href').replace('/', '#'));

    $('.ajaxLink').bind('click', function () {
        loadLink($(this).attr('href').replace('#', '/'))

function loadLink(link) {
    try {

        $.get(link, function (html) {
    } catch (ex) {

function getHash() {
    var hash = window.location.hash;
    return hash.substring(1); // remove #

24 responses

  1. Having Ajax page navigation like you mention has been in my dreams for some time now.

    I always thought the only solution was to have special server functions that send just specific content, in JSON or w/e, and then have JS update the DOM. This enters hard-mode pretty quickly when I start to think about creating a custom CMS thing to manage these endpoints.

    Your solution is well-presented! I love the simplicity, and I will certainly try it out sometime. I just wonder about page load times… That is, when you use the jQuery.get function, will each JS, CSS, and image on the page be re-requested? I always presumed it would, but when I think about it now, I’m not so sure. I believe that loading these resources is the majority of page’s load time.

    Can you comment on the page load time of your solution? How about load time feel?

    July 6, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    • Alex,

      Glad you liked the write up. As for page load times, yes everything gets re-requested, however browser caching should mitigate the load times pretty substantially. Granted it’s not quite as fast as only delivering the required content, but I think it’s an okay compromise between speed and easiness. So far the load times have been quite tolerable, and the lack of page flicker/reload makes it all the sweeter. Throw in a little content loading ajax spinner image and it’s almost fun waiting for the content 😛 Granted if you end up trying this with large complicated pages with tons of content it could slow it down, but for my needs and I imagine many others it should be sufficient.

      July 7, 2012 at 6:30 am

  2. Sweet stuff! Capitalizing on jQuery’s hashChange is total awesomeness — had no idea they exposed that as an event in their API. Nice work.

    July 6, 2012 at 8:30 pm

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