Oh my god. It's full of code!

Mercenary Work

Code mercenary. Sounds cooler than consultant doesn’t it? I’ve come to realize I’m just too much a good thing to keep to myself 😉 so I decided to break into the freelance/consulting arena for all manners of tech help and programming. Mostly I am looking for smaller projects, just a few hours here and there. I do work full time so this would just be at night/weekends. I’m honest, I’m fast, and I’m cheap. I’ll let you know if your project is something I can realistically do or not, and I’ll do everything in my power to stay within the quote I give you at project start. Here is a quick breakdown of my rates as they sit right now.

Rates (Hourly)
Coldfusion development: $65.00
Apex/Visualforce development: $75.00
Web Dev (JS, CSS, HTML): $65.00
Salesforce Setup/Admin: $65.00

Most projects I’ve had are completed in 10 hours or less. I don’t pad my hours and I’m pretty fast. I use a fairly ‘agile’ style of development where I will try and show you iterations of my work as I go and we continue to refine the result based on your input. So there is a bit of back and forth usually when it comes to error checking and some design tweaking. However, it makes for faster development time and generally a better end result. Keeping the customer involved in the process is the best way to make sure everyone is happy with the way things are going.

Check out my contact page for details on how to get a hold of me. If you want some credentials check out the about me page, or head over to the contact page for my linked in profile. I look forward to working with you 😉

Below you’ll find some people who where not too upset with the work I did for them.


We worked with Dan to modify a complex process in the Customer Portal that
required new triggers and automation. Dan was very professional,
responsive, and completed the project in fewer hours than originally
estimated. We plan on continuing to work with Dan in the future.

Eric Jozwiak


“Very impressed. Quick turnaround, easy to work with and professional. Dan is definitely on my short list for “go-to” developers. Hopefully next time I might actually be able to challenge him, because I don’t think he even broke a sweat with the work I had him to do!”

Benjamin Smith


Dan is a superb web programmer and consultant. His consulting strategies and programmatic skills has helped my website generate over 300K in revenue. I plan to involve Dan into my future initiatives to help drive more revenue, innovation and success within my company.

Deon A. Jenkins
Green Collar, LLC

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